WASHOUTS JUNE 15th & 16th Image

WASHOUTS JUNE 15th & 16th

Rain has once again caused some grounds to be closed this weekend, affecting fixtures all across the country.

Here's a list of games scheduled for BarTV Sports, which have been postponed.

June 15th & 16th


DE LA SALLE - Captain Cook Oval, all games off.

CRONULLA JRL -Scylla Bay Oval, all games off.

SOUTHERN SYDNEY RL - All games off.

HUNTER RUGBY - Townson Oval, all games off.

HUNTER RUGBY - Dangar Park.

NEWCASTLE RUGBY LEAGUE - Lyall Peacock, all games off.

NEWCASTLE RUGBY LEAGUE - Tomaree Sporting Complex, all games off.

NPL Northern - Alder Park and Jack McLaughlan Oval, all games off.