Don't Wait. Join BarTV For 2024!

Don't wait for winter to roll around before you decide to livestream your next season! It might be TOO LATE.

Contact BarTV Sports today to ask about having your competition livestreamed using our cutting edge technology and professional services. Engage with your audience and get critical funding through the door by using our subscription and pay-per-view offerings.

BarTV Sports are looking to expand their winter schedule, particularly in the Junior Sport arena, so contact us to find out what happens behind the scenes. Our expertise includes:

  • Scheduling advice and maximising your broadcast reach.
  • Access to our cutting-edge coaching and analysis portal. Every game clip, instantaneously, as well as video editing and sharing tools.
  • Sponsorship and advertising integration. Automated graphics, video and audio commercials, huge growth potential and coverage for your partners.
  • Automatic posting of goals/tries to Instagram and Facebook, like BarTVGoals and Facebook's BarTV Tries Rugby League. Can be customised with your own competition feeds to increase your reach and viewership.
  • BarTV's lowest-cost production technology and professional standards give you the best streaming product in Australia.
  • Native smartphone apps available for next season.
  • All streams are monitored in studio for quality assurance.

Don't wait too long - talk to BarTV Sports today.

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